STE Steris 38.2

STERIS Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets infection prevention, contamination control, microbial reduction, and surgical and critical care support products and services to healthcare, pharmaceutical, scientific, research, industrial, and governmental customers worldwide. It offers sterilizers, including low temperature liquid, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and ethylene oxide technologies, as well as steam sterilization for re-use of medical equipment and devices; automated washer/disinfector systems that clean and disinfect various items, such as rolling instrument carts, healthcare equipment, and surgical instruments; and general and specialty surgical tables, surgical and examination lights, equipment management systems, operating room storage cabinets, warming cabinets, scrub sinks, and other complementary products and accessories. The company also offers cleaning chemistries and sterility assurance products used in instrument cleaning and decontamination systems; cleansing products, including hard surface disinfectants, and skin care and hand hygiene solutions; and connectivity solutions, such as operating room integration and instrument management. In addition, STERIS Corporation offers various preventive maintenance programs and repair services; corrective and preventive service solutions; sterilization management consulting services; and other support services, such as facility planning, engineering support, device testing, customer education, and the sale of replacement parts. Further, the company manufactures and sells engineered capital products, formulated cleaning chemistries, and service solutions. Additionally, it provides contract sterilization, microbial reduction, and materials modification services to companies that supply products to the healthcare, industrial, and consumer product industries. The company, formerly known as Innovative Medical Technologies, was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Mentor, Ohio.

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