VASC Vascular Solutions 9.1

Vascular Solutions, Inc., a medical device company, develops solutions to interventional cardiologists and radiologists in the United States and internationally. Its solutions include D-Stat Dry hemostat, a topical thrombin-based pad with a bandage used to control surface bleeding; D-Stat Flowable hemostat, a thick yet flowable thrombin-based mixture for preventing bleeding in subcutaneous pockets; Pronto V3 extraction catheter, a mechanical system for the removal of soft thrombus from arteries; Vari-Lase endovenous laser, a laser and procedure kit that is used for the treatment of varicose veins; Duett sealing device, which is used to seal the puncture site following catheterization procedures; and specialty catheters for clinical niches, including the Langston dual lumen catheters, Twin-Pass dual access catheter, and Skyway support catheters. The company also offers access products, which consist of micro-introducers and the Guardian hemostasis valve used in connection with percutaneous access to the vasculature. Its other development products include Thrombi-Gel hemostat, a thrombin impregnated gelatin foam pad for controlling surgical bleeding; Thrombi-Gel Paste hemostat, a thick suspension of gelatin, thrombin, and water for use in controlling surgical bleeding; and Thrombi-Pad trauma bandage, a thrombin-based bandage designed for trauma indications. In addition, the company offers Gopher support catheter, which is designed to assist in the passage of interventional devices through arterial lesions by utilizing a rotational force; MAX-Support abdominal retraction belt, a tape-free retraction system to expose the femoral artery puncture site in obese patients; and Acolysis ultrasound thrombolysis system. Vascular Solutions markets its products directly to physicians through direct domestic sales force and an international distribution network. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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