Gold Bugs Prepare for Vindication

We are witnessing a fundamental checkmate for the much ballyhooed long term precious metals bull..

Worldwide competitive currency devaluation will push gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to new highs. this next wave up will go parabolic.. contrary to the belief of some, this market has not yet seen its manic phase.. for example : the subject of gold and silver as a store of wealth has only just begun to permeate main street. recall the Huge focus on oil this summer : gold will rage in a similar fashion X months from now.. it’s the next bubble. analysts will look back upon the events of this week and cite them as a factor for what has become robust strength in physical bullion.

Let’s face it, if there’s one group of people whom are not surprised by what has taken place in our purportedly stable financial markets, it’s the gold bugs.

(Reuters) U.S. toxic-debt plan, short-selling ban boost markets

I will also add that I’ve been watching 100oz silver bars on ebay for about six years. It used to be the case that the premium relative to the spot market on completed auctions was slightly greater than 5%. In looking over final sales these past few weeks I am now seeing most auctions go off at 10% or greater more than spot.. often closer to 15%.

And so despite the sharp decline in comex silver futures this past month, investors that are interested in the real thing are expressing a willingness to pay up….

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