Brain and Chart Dump for Friday the 26th of September

WaMu is now squadoosh

yet another lesson in not buying huge, volume laden downside losers
..lest you get Lehmanized, Fannie Maid, Freddie Macked, Bear Streanified, Refco’d, Globally Crossed, Worldconned, or perhaps worst of them all : Sunbeamed, no.. Enron’d

even if you’re not taking this junk home overnight, you should fear for their getting halted intraday
example : PPC bounce players on wednesday? stuckholders into thursday morning.. as the stock re-opened down some 40 percent

we simply must be wary of the bounce game , or risk becoming trader roadkill

With few exceptions, uptrenders are the way to go

downtrenders are for shorts.. I don’t short very often, and so for the most part : I don’t concern myself w/ downtrenders

It keeps me out of trouble

maybe someday I’ll short more often, if the government doesn’t first prevent me from being able to do so (yes the no-short rule is lame and smacks of protectionism. I wonder how far it will creep, and how long it will last)

regardless, there will always be some sort of niche company on the up-and-up…  I intend to continue finding them, preferably early

and so with that : a sampling of what I’m watching..

PEET is a leading coffee stock

GMCR Short % of Float (as of 26-Aug-08) :    52.40%
nice flag on the daily , flag being the last 5 candles or so off recent impulse up
(presumably short squeeze)

GMCR weekly says could be late to the ball game

RTIX nice action

LMIA volume pattern is terrific on daily

LMIA weekly is cause for concern.. weekly right shoulder ?
more visable on the monthly

ANDS i think wait for breakout over 3 , buy the first pullback
or wait anyhow, it looks like more triangulation on deck

FHC limit order to buy 3.80 or less , could see a low bid scare in the morning
(as with most everything else)



PZZA limit order to buy $27
thursday close = 28.27


IPCM buystop $26.75

STE buystop $38

LPHI is so strong it’s scary

API the pullback was bought

VNUS +8% off 200day ema, volume is not yet supportive


TRLG Short % of Float (as of 26-Aug-08):55.30%

PNRA Short % of Float (as of 26-Aug-08): 32.90%

URBN Short % of Float (as of 26-Aug-08): 28.10%

AMMD founded in 1972 and headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota


Lake Minnetonka in the Fall

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