volume study confirms fragility of recent rally

goldman breakdown was one warning among many

I would also cite the frequent impulsive downside days, which for at least six months, have far outnumbered comparably spastic moves to the upside
some suggested that volume doesn’t matter, as we climbed day after day post volume laden swoon
count the downside volume outliers in SPY since Sept30th 2009 and you start to get a feeling for how Thursday of this past week was made possible..

plunging fast and deep, in what became a nearly no bid situation

slackening volume as prices grind higher is not a recipe of confirmation for our so called bull market, whose overall structure looks very much to me like a corrective wave

what is the chance of an equal and opposite reaction to the upside?
+1400 brute force TICK , VIX -50% intraday , dow +990pts ??

never happen

..best be selective going forward

and forget about holding biguns like Proctor and Gamble , lest you be susceptible to the mysterious and whimsical world of High Frequency Trading

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