Tuesday Tickers

PSTI – stemcells.. nice trigger over 1.5 intraday , closed at the high for the day.. also watch NBS over $2 .. GERN is another stemmer acting up

RKH – regional bank holdrs.. printed a bearish engulfer Monday, XLF also soft.. BOH bank of hawaii broke down, BAC closed at a 52week low.. BCS barclays bank looks bad and its worth noting that MS is sitting on critical support.. JPM and CS are also among the weak.. FMBI new to short watch , watch for these to lead on a market pullback

PURE – silver laced disinfectants.. used to be a bulletin board stock, their products are used in a number of applications, one of which is to sterilize facilities against MRSA / Staph infection.. up 5% Monday on twice its average daily volume and no news

UNG – natural gas.. sold to 5.2 trigger and reversed, then closed at its high, also hit weekly channel bottom.. winter is right around the corner, we might have seen the lows on Monday.. also, GAZ formed a hammer.. do keep in mind that Picken’s sponsered Natural Gas Act will be voted upon by senate members on November 17th

NUE – steel stock.. hit my anti-momo scan last week when it traded down on earnings, this sector will be in focus in the morning with both AKS and X reporting.. be sure to view the weekly chart for an appreciation as to Nucor’s downside potential

Finally, an updated look at the daily chart of SPY.. notice the last remaining gap (circled in white) was filled on Monday, and we also got an ugly candle that could arguably be described as a shooting star.. I would be very surprised if this does not return to at least $113 sometime during the fourth quarter

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