Wednesday Watchlist

Lots of setups for Wednesday. Some more liquid than others.

To quickly view them all, Click Here


Details on a few of the newcomers:

OXM – clothing company.. been watching this handle form for about three weeks now.. saw a bit of range expansion today and an increase in volume.. pretty subtle look so far but it won’t take much more upside for this one to start lighting up on people’s radar

MTXX – maker of Zicam branded over-the-counter cold remedies.. I had not been watching this but it hit my momo scan today and looks like it may have more in it.. action Tuesday was in response to solid earnings

LAKE – makes safety garments and industrial protective clothing.. some of it is being worn by the people whom are tirelessly working to clean up the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.. stock is razor thin , trades below book value, and is flashing upside potential near term

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