Friday Forecast

Stock futures point to moderately lower open this morning. We have University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment coming up at 9:55am EST. I went home mostly in cash yesterday, and will be looking for a short or two early on. If the XLF closes below 14.50 today , I think you can hold a few shorts over the weekend.


ELY – calloway golf.. recent earnings disappointment and it has done little to correct the selloff which occurred this summer.. failure here could lead to a visit with the 52wk low

CTB – cooper tire.. this looks like a head and shoulders top to me.. major volume days are starkly red, and its volume during the recent rally has not been impressive.. if it goes under $20 again, that should spook the bulls

WWE – world wrestling entertainment.. vince mcmahon is lame and so is fake wrestling.. this is a dying form of boring theatrics.. stock has been weak recently and looks like it might soon get body slammed

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