Monday Maybes

Good morning and welcome to the start of a new month. S&P futures are up about 5points. We have the elections on Tuesday and then perhaps more importantly, QE2 detail from the Fed forthcoming on Wednesday. Both of these factors should combine to allow for some good volatility this week.

NAK – mining stock.. looks good for a run towards $10

AEZS – drug maker.. interesting flag has been drawn, stop loss is under $1.2

DAKT – electronic display systems.. you’ve seen their products in a lot of places, including the signs overhead on freeways throughout the country.. breakout in August was due to robust earnings, and the stock is acting like there might be a similar report in the offing

TSLA – tesla motors.. would expect to see follow through on a breakout over $22

DAR – grease and lard recycling.. have followed this one for years, their business is disgusting, and profitable.. share price has formed a high and tight flag.. watch for upside

EXBD – consulting.. this triangle is nearing its apex and with a break in the right direction, I think it will see new highs

AVA – utility.. supplies electricity and natural gas to customers primarily in the pacific northwest.. hit my momo scan on Friday.. slow mover, but looks good for more.. NWE is another utility stock that is doing well

FMBI – regional bank.. glaringly weak , watch for breakdown

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