The market has had a good run, but things are looking a little over extended here in the short term. We’ve got non-farm payrolls on deck before the open today, with +144K as the consensus estimate. Be on the lookout for a possible sell the news type event this morning.



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2 Responses to CFN CVE BPOP PKT TGC

  1. digs says:

    Hi Steve, if you recognize her as a German Sheppard.. you’ld be correct.

    Best Dogs Ever.

    I will watch for your stated astro effect. Thanks for the info.

    Got to admit, the timing seems right.

  2. steveo77 says:

    Cool site and great dog/wolf picture

    Mercury Retrograde (appearance of going “backwards”) is widely accepted by Astro followers as leading to a breakdown in communication, technology, and transportation. Dec 9 Starts the Retrograde.

    During retrograde is considered a bad time to start a new venture or enter contracts. . .

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