Mid-November Setups

Stocks closed near their highs for the first time in nearly a month on Friday, with the S&P500 bouncing off a key 61.8% fib level (June low to September high retracement).

On its own, a decent candle, and accompanied by good volume. Follow through is key and it would seem that a lot of folks are expecting a relief rally into year end.  We shall see.

JEC short setup still valid.. trigger below $38.5 w/ requisite volume

LM clear laggard as shown here on weekly basis

TSLA squeeze watch >>> Short % of Float (as of Oct 31, 2012): 62.50%

AWK supported nicely by 100ema and looks able to buck an otherwise weak market

GGC new highs on deck

GNMK getting perky again

TUP high and tight bull flag

RCMT watch action above $5.7

PYDS posted record earnings last week

TPNL superb microcap chart, also announced record results last week

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