Change In Strategy

Wanting to limit my stock universe somewhat.  Making a couple small tweaks to the scans. Now requiring 100k average daily volume, and price over 50cents.  That’s not too stringent by most traders’ standards, but ought to save me about an hour a day, and will ultimately put a focus on more legitimate (actionable) setups.

SPY resilient yet & may pop the $143 level, but has trend line resistance soon thereafter

OIL weakest among commodities…breakdown here and folks will be targeting summer low

AMT advance over $76 on volume of 2.5million shares or better would be pretty

AL cup and handle…speculation that it might be added to the S&P500 index

CONN electronics retailer could get another push before the holidays are over

ABAX working on a range break with its all time high over $40 in striking distance

SABA too much time spent languishing under $8, looking for support failure

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