How I Use Twitter + Something New


I really like twitter.  I knew I would.  I studied it for a few years before joining.  Once I began tweeting, I was certain it would become an integral part of my life online.

I am however cognizant of the noise it can generate.  I use the list feature to drill down on people whose main focus is on upcoming actionable info.  Sadly there are not many users of this type.  The great majority are either talking up their book, or frequently off topic. What’s worse is when people tout their wins yet make no acknowledgement of their losers. I find such behavior to be utterly deplorable, so I made a pact to do neither.

Instead, I simply share my ideas.  Once a stock starts moving, I leave it for others to bandy about. I’m not going to celebrate winners with exclamation points & sky high expectations, nor will I whine about or lament a loser. For example, ‘updated’ charts after a stock has moved.. cui bono? —there’s no value in these other than to support one’s ego / marketing agenda.

I’d rather offer up a new opportunity.

Of course, there’s an expectation that the reader must always make his or her own decisions. It’s your money. It is not important what I’m doing.  What matters is: do you like a particular setup?  Can you define tolerable risk? If yes, create your own plan to capitalize on it.

Due to my steadfast belief in autonomy, I’ve rarely felt the need to provide a disclaimer.


Second item: If you’ve been following me for awhile, you have probably noticed that I’m capable of churning out a ton of suggestions.  I wanted to come up with a way to emphasize some of my favorites. I’ll only share with you the things that I believe look good, but occasionally they seem fantastic. How to differentiate?

I’m going to try something new over the next few weeks.  When you see stars in a tweet of mine, these are the setups I’m focused most intently upon.  Not everything will be rated, but assume five stars is best, & I’ll use that designation sparingly.

As always, thank you for your interest in my work.

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2 Responses to How I Use Twitter + Something New

  1. Allan Patterson says:

    you are very generous with your ideas gleaned from many hours of filtering. The choice to pick up on any of them remains with the picker upper and his ability to see what you do in the charts and ability to assess BO possibilities and where major resistance and support lies.The final decision remains with him{or her}

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