Open Letter to @szaman


Wanted to begin by saying thank you for the countless charts you’ve shared. I’ve been piggybacking off your work for years.  One of the last things I do after conducting my scans and before going to bed each night is to check the blogs of several accomplished chartists, yours included. I use @feedly which means instead of navigating to various websites, everything is sent directly to me.

Sometimes when I see a particularly compelling setup.. for sake of ease I’ll just straight up screen capture it right there and publish to twitter. Usually, I let the reader know where I got it. In fact, you may not remember, but I used to tag you often.


However, not once did I get so much as a favorite, let alone a response. After a while I figured you did not care. Which made sense to me, because I don’t care.

I say spread my charts far and wide. Go ahead, do so without attribution. I know deep down that what goes around comes around, and besides.. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Acknowledgement is simply a welcome bonus.

So yes, I selected FSLR as the best chart from your watchlist on Monday, shared it, and you only noticed because I was right.  Let it be known that never did I claim it as my pick, nor my chart.

Equally important is this: Avid followers will attest to my regular twitter community give back.. by way of hat tips, compliments of, frequent follows, re tweets, shout outs, etc. What you see above is not an exception.  Please add a logo to your images if you feel it necessary, but one should not expect to always be cited in a transitory, micro blog format.

In closing, I respect your skills & do not thrive on confrontation.  I share the best charts I can find.  Recently one of yours fell into my lap.  I sincerely wish you & the entire bulls crew raging success. I will also let you know the next time I fancy one of your charts.




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