About Me

My name’s Dave and I spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about stocks.  I started using technical analysis about 15years ago and I swear by it. I used to focus on obscure companies that are under the radar of most individuals, but have mostly moved toward more liquid issues. I also study the major ETFs which track indices, commodities, and specific sectors.

I grew up in the midwest and attended the Carlson School of Management on the west bank of the University of Minnesota. I’ve since moved to Utah for the skiing.  It’s beautiful out here and I’m not leaving anytime soon.

Let’s see… Some of my other hobbies include playing guitar, shooting pool, and mountain biking. I think food and travel are worth splurging on and will sometimes choose top shelf whiskey. I also enjoy a good game of chess.

I try to avoid politics & religion. Too polarizing. I like the idea of zero population growth.  Wasting water is a definite pet peeve of mine.  Epictetus is my muse. It’s easy to be opinionated, but I strive not to pass hasty judgment, especially in new situations.  The golden rule is the code by which I seek to act.


“Useful trees are cut down. Useless ones survive. The same is true of people. The strong are conscripted. The beautiful are exploited. Those who are too plain to be noticed are the ones who survive. They are left alone and safe. But what if we ourselves are among such plain persons? Though others may neglect us, we should not think of ourselves as being without value. We must not accept the judgment of others as the measure of our own self-worth…. Thus, to be considered useless is not a reason for despair, but an opportunity. It is the chance to live without interference and to express one’s own individuality.” ——– The Taoist Path