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Epictetus – Words To Live By

>>>>>Immediately prescribe some character and form of conduct to yourself, which you may keep both alone and in company. Be for the most part silent, or speak merely what is necessary, and in few words. We may, however, enter, though sparingly, into discourse sometimes … Continue reading

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Natural Gas, A Contrarian’s Perspective

Greetings once again from TraderDigs’ Laboratory. Today is the first day of fall; the autumnal equinox. Daylight hours are rapidly diminishing and the nights are getting cooler. With winter on the horizon, I have a theory about natural gas. As … Continue reading

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US Dollar Revisted

Up until recently the dollar has been falling with the overall market. Today it reversed, and we could very well see an acceleration in equity hurt if this USD bounce continues..

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Speculation this weekend is such that Wikileaks will drop their infobomb on a major US bank shortly. Most people think that Bank of America is being targeted, but it could be any number of other unscrupulous banks. We did see … Continue reading

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Employment Preview

We have some interesting data on tap this morning with the nation’s employment situation being laid bear in about 10minutes. Consensus estimates are for between 9.6 and 9.8% December unemployment. Last month we got a bit of an upside surprise, … Continue reading

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