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Odds Favor Marijuana Legalization in California

Recent polls indicate that a majority of Californians now favor marijuana legalization. The public will vote on it November 2nd (known as Proposition 19).  Of course, you can bet on this sort of thing over at As of this … Continue reading

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New Highs for Obama Presidential Futures Contract

This could turn out to be a landslide victory for Barack.. Past landslides include : * Theodore Roosevelt’s 56.4% to Alton B. Parker’s 37.6% in the 1904 presidential election * Warren Harding’s 60.3% to James Cox’s 34.1% in the 1920 … Continue reading

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OBAMA shares plunge : Likelihood of victory falls to 48%

The collective mind at ( folks whom are putting real money on the line regarding the outcome of the US presidential election ) has within the past two weeks, abruptly changed its Obama bias. Odds for his victory have … Continue reading

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