Trader Tip: Tweaking Tweetdeck to Tap Technicians

2015-04-19_0716I am a long time fan of tweetdeck used in combination with twitter’s list feature.  Here I will explain the details of one particular column I’ve created within the application. Lately this is the only content that I watch intraday, and it is the only column that I fully digest..meaning, I never miss a post.  I check it morning, noon, and night.

What I have done is taken my core list, created a column for it in tweetdeck, & then I use the filter feature to scan for tweets that include both a dollar sign ($) and the word ‘photo’. The feed will therefore only show me tweets about stocks that contain charts uploaded to twitter.

(Note, the actual url for pictures hosted by twitter contains the word photo; the domain that we see is a shortened version to allow users more free characters when composing a tweet.)

Twitter bought tweetdeck for $40 million after a bidding war in May of 2011.  I use the desktop version, it has been extremely stable, and I have noticed twitter is still improving it, most recently allowing for a full sized view of images when navigating to something specific while the app is maximized.  Try it out if you haven’t already.

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