Editorial Notes

Good morning. The SPY dip was bought yesterday at the 20day EMA and futures point to an enthusiastic open here coming up in about an hour. I might have forgotten about that level, were it not for a great post summarizing various supports over at TimingSPX.

There are several new ideas again today, but I wanted to first make a couple notes about my presentation here. One, I’ve started ranking the charts in terms of market capitalization, so you will tend to see the more liquid names up top. Second, to avoid redundancy, if I put up a chart less than a week ago, I generally won’t repeat it again.

A lot of these are not going to move immediately. The charts update over time and I encourage you to surf back regularly to watch the setups evolve (or devolve, as the case may be). CBLI for instance, is making a move now a few days later, but I will avoid the temptation to re-embed its chart.

Another option is to hang out in this free chatroom, where we keep closer tabs on these things. You can also meet a cadré of other talented traders, many of whom are helping to generate the ideas you see on this website.



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