OBAMA shares plunge : Likelihood of victory falls to 48%

The collective mind at Intrade.com ( folks whom are putting real money on the line regarding the outcome of the US presidential election ) has within the past two weeks, abruptly changed its Obama bias. Odds for his victory have fallen markedly from levels above 65% in July, to what is now slightly below 50%.

Meanwhile, shares of McSame have risen to an all time high..

Even money. Nuetral. Equilibrium. A statistical dead heat. A virtual coin toss.

That’s the new message.

Expect more volatility in these contracts as the debates transpire and the vote draws near.


update : New Highs for Obama Presidential Futures Contract

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2 Responses to OBAMA shares plunge : Likelihood of victory falls to 48%

  1. digs says:

    dear tj : none that i’m aware of , sorry

  2. I wonder if there are any derivatives positions you could establish to realize gains when either candidate starts to show the winning bias. Maybe some out-of-the-money options on health insurance and defense indexes?

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