Monday Watchlist

Still skeptical of the market at these lofty levels. Rather see some backfilling. But, it is what it is, and there are always setups worth considering. As of this hour, Monday’s open looks strong with S&P futures flashing up about 10points.


BPOP – Central American bank.. been watching this cup for several weeks, looked like it may break down on Thursday, but came back on Friday giving a possible ‘hound’ signal, plenty liquid.. game on if and when we see an impulse over $3

LGND – pharma.. another scan hit from a little ways back, continues to form a nice flag , has an attractive ADX on its weekly chart.. let’s see if it can overcome 1.7

CLFD – fiber optics.. been following for years, good fundamentals, no debt , low P/E .. pretty thin but I think this could go to $10 someday

CIGX – smoking cessation.. this one is a bit of a news machine / story stock , it’s probably being diluted.. not something I would sit in, but there’s boost potential here .. needs to get over $2.1 on volume

NAT – shipping company.. well formed descending triangle, might bounce near term, but viewing this as a short under $26.5 , could be a doozy

OSG – another shipper with a weak chart

UNG – natural gas.. I think there’s a contrarian play coming up here.. it is inherently risky since it’s counter trend, but this looks like it may see a swift relief rally if we can just get a bit more puking first.. would like to buy under $5.2 down to about $5 with a stop at $4.9 ; there are a couple annotated charts from a few days ago located here

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